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Breath of Life Midwifery

Take Back YOUR Birth! 

Comprehensive and Holistic Midwifery Care 
for Families in SW Virginia.

Breath of Life Midwifery provides care that is supportive, informative, and respectful to families in Roanoke, the NRV, and surrounding areas. Our clients make decisions for their birth with support and evidence-based guidance. Because every mother, every baby, and every birth is different, there are no routine interventions or strict time limits. The strong relationships we build with families prenatally transform into lasting friendships well beyond the initial postpartum period. If this is what you are looking for, Breath of Life Midwifery may be right for you. We specialize in homebirth services for low risk families, but provide doula services, childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, well woman care, and more. 

2014 Statistics!

Breath of Life Midwifery proudly welcomed 29 babies into the world last year! We had 11 girls and 18 boys. The average baby weight was 7lb 14oz, with our smallest baby weighing in at 5lb6oz and our largest at 11lb0oz. 90% of the mothers that started labor at home, birthed at home. 5 VBAC babies were born, 4 at home. We attended 2 hospital born sets of twins, both were full term and healthy. We safely managed 3 severe shoulder dystocias, 1 postpartum hemorrhage, 2 persistent posterior presentations, and 7 nuchal cords. 2 amazingly strong mamas had unplanned cesareans, and both did skin to skin on the OR table. My students received more experience this year than some do in 5 years. THANK YOU to the families that chose us to serve them!

Doula Services

Are you planning a hospital birth but desire experienced labor support? Breath of Life offers doula services as well.

Childbirth Classes

Breath of Life has dynamic and fun childbirth classes for all families. These hands on classes are an eclectic blend of philosophies. 

Professional Workshops

We offer various training workshops for doulas, student midwives, and other birth professionals. Crystal Fink CPM, LM is a registered NARM preceptor.

1917 Franklin Rd. SW Roanoke, VA 24014